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Trucs & Astuces : bombes de bain

Tips & Tricks: bath bombs

Publié le 07/08/2020

"There’s nothing more relaxing than a good bath, especially when you are (very) pregnant!"-@mhtardioMarie-Hélène loves bath time, but even more since she got pregnant. And she’s enjoying it while she...
Trucs & Astuces : au revoir calcaire dans la douche!

Tips & Trics : bye bye limescale!

Publié le 26/05/2020

"I want my shower glass doors to be CLEAN AND SHINY. If I had wanted frosted glass doors, I would have bought them like that in the first place!” –...
Saviez-vous que la lessive Pure est aussi très efficace sur les taches?

Did you know that our laundry detergent is also very effective on stains?

Publié le 17/10/2017

Did you know that our laundry detergent is also very effective on stains? If you do not have our Stain Remover at home, just pour a small amount of detergent...
Trucs & Astuces : Comment détacher rapidement et efficacement

How to remove stains quickly and effectively

Publié le 26/09/2017

This summer, our collaborators said to each other, "So much work to keep our shoes white! They developed a quick cleaning using the Stain Remover, between full washes. We make...
Trucs & Astuces : Redonner l'éclat aux souliers et vêtements blancs

Restore white clothes and shoes

Publié le 04/08/2017

The season of white shoes ... Pure laundry combined with Osmose's whitening agent gives your shoes and clothes a new lease of life. For shock treatment, soak longer as directed...
Trucs & Astuces : Comment éliminer l'électricité statique

How to eliminate electricuty static

Publié le 27/04/2017

Static electricity. Yes, we would have a lot to say. Several tips seem to help reduce static electricity such as metal (iron), baking soda, vinegar, humidifiers in the home. Our...
Trucs & Astuces : Économiser de l'énergie avec la corde à linge

Save energy with the clothesline

Publié le 07/04/2016

Tip effective and ecological at the beginning of the season is to dry his loads on the clothesline. In addition to saving energy, you ensure a comforting sleep of happiness....