Free Shipping on order 60$+
Free Shipping on order 60$+

Ecological fundraising campaign

We suggest two simple ways of fundraising. In both cases, you get 45% profit. You make your participants aware of good local consumption habits by buying them in bulk later.

Choice # 1- Direct Sale

Each participant has a briefcase of 12 Pure Body Products for sale. Sold for $ 9 each, each participant will make a profit of $ 48.60 per briefcase. The contents of the sets are non-modifiable and the return of goods is not accepted.

Choice # 2- Order Form

Participants sell individually our products with the order form we provide you and you have no inventory to manage. * In order to have transportation included, a minimum order of $ 500 is required. Exceptions may apply for more remote locations.

Our fundraising campaigns are simple and very popular with schools and organizations. Write us if you want to receive your campaign form or if you have any questions.

1 866 593-7873