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Saviez-vous que la lessive Pure est aussi très efficace sur les taches?

Did you know that our laundry detergent is also very effective on stains?

Posted on 17/10/2017

Did you know that our laundry detergent is also very effective on stains? If you do not have our Stain Remover at home, just pour a small amount of detergent...
Trucs & Astuces : Entretien du vélo

Bike maintenance

Posted on 05/10/2017

The biker season is coming to an end or for a regular wash, opt for our duo Pure. The kitchen and bathroom degrease and remove dirt without rubbing, just spray,...
Trucs & Astuces : Comment détacher rapidement et efficacement

How to detach quickly and effectively

Posted on 26/09/2017

This summer, our collaborators said to each other, "So much work to keep our shoes white! They developed a quick cleaning using the Stain Remover, between full washes. We make...
Trucs & Astuces : Bien nettoyer la poubelle rapidement

Clean the trash quickly

Posted on 22/08/2017

Clean his trash quickly? Yes! How? Spray our Kitchen + Bathroom sanitize and deodorizer the inside surface of the trash, leave on for a few minutes to remove bacteria, rinse...
Trucs & Astuces : Garder une piscine propre tout au long de l'été

Keep a clean pool throughout the summe

Posted on 13/08/2017

Summer is not over, enjoy the beautiful days by the pool. The kitchen + bathroom is the ideal tool to keep your accessories clean. The product degreaser also allows you...
Trucs & Astuces : Éliminer la saleté sur le PVC

Remove dirt on the outside covering of the house

Posted on 10/08/2017

The Kitchen + Bathroom makes it possible to remove the dirt on the outside covering of the house. For a small area to wash, just spray directly on the surface,...
Trucs & Astuces : Redonner l'éclat aux souliers et vêtements blancs

Restore white clothes and shoes

Posted on 04/08/2017

The season of white shoes ... Pure laundry combined with Osmose's whitening agent gives your shoes and clothes a new lease of life. For shock treatment, soak longer as directed...
Trucs & Astuces : Entretien du kayak

Kayak maintenance

Posted on 02/08/2017

Fan of Kayaking , you wash your kayak with what? Our concentrated multipupose is perfect to make it all clean. Without harmful chemicals and without phosphate, it is safe for...
Trucs & Astuces : Plats et chaudrons collés, pas de panique!

Dishes and cauldrons pasted, don’t panic

Posted on 27/07/2017

Did you manage your new recipe for dinner?  Great! Your cauldron is a little less happy than you.  Dishes and cauldrons well glued: do not panic!   Rinse the bottom of your carbonized...
Trucs & Astuces : Réutiliser le sac 10 L en poche à glace

Reuse 10L bad into Ice pack

Posted on 19/07/2017

Here are 3 simple steps to re-use the 10L box bag in an ice pack.1. Take the bag out of the 10L box 2. Fill with water 3. Freeze *...
Trucs & Astuces : Éloigner les insectes avec le composte

Keep insects away with compost

Posted on 13/07/2017

Composting your coffee is an ecological gesture. Reuse it to ward off insects? Yes! Just sprinkle leftovers of coffee brewed into your flowers, they move away slugs and snails. Enjoying...
Trucs & Astuces : Entretien du VTT

Four wheels maintenance

Posted on 06/07/2017

Clean fourwheel windows? Spray the kitchen + bathroom directly on the window of your vehicle and let it works. Then rinse or scrub with a cloth. It is effective for...
Trucs & Astuces : Le rinçage, la réutilisation et le recyclage des pots collants

Rince, reuse and recycling sticky containers.

Posted on 31/05/2017

Le rinçage, la réutilisation et le recyclage des pots collants comme le beurre d’arachide :Rinsing, reuse and recycling of sticky pots like peanut butter:A few drops of Pure dishwashing liquid...
Trucs & Astuces : Comment redonner au bois son éclat

How to restore the wood’s radiance

Posted on 25/05/2017

Do you know the Osmose products partner of Pure and Total Fabrication? Their whitening agent, made of simple and biodegradable ingredients (sodium percarbonate) is ideal as a fortifier to our...
Trucs & Astuces : Comment bien nettoyer le BBQ

How to clean the BBQ

Posted on 16/05/2017

With the long weekend approaching, we also hope for long evenings and BBQ dinners. The kitchen + bathroom is perfect for cleaning the BBQ, both to degrease grills and outside...
Trucs & Astuces : Comment éliminer l'électricité statique

How to eliminate electricuty static

Posted on 27/04/2017

Static electricity. Yes, we would have a lot to say. Several tips seem to help reduce static electricity such as metal (iron), baking soda, vinegar, humidifiers in the home. Our...
Trucs & Astuces : Le composte


Posted on 22/08/2016

Composting is also a good way to make a difference for the environment. It's a good habit that creates a stakes on nature by reducing waste. In addition, compost is...
Trucs & Astuces : Entretien du véhicule

Vehicule maintenance

Posted on 16/07/2016

Did you know that multisurface and multipurpose concentrated are perfect for washing the exterior and interior of the carNow yes! Good wash!