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5 ans de certification Engagement Climat par Ecocert!

5 years of Climate change Certification by Ecocert at Total Fabrication!

Publié le 22/04/2021

Cette certification se traduit par une prise de conscience de l’impact de nos activités sur la planète en tant qu’entreprise, dans le but de constamment s’améliorer et de réduire notre empreinte écologique. Total Fabrication s’est même dotée d’une politique en développement durable. 
Je suis Pure, par Florence-Léa Siry

''Je suis Pure'', by Florence-Léa Siry

Publié le 25/03/2021

Hello, my name is Florence-Léa Siry, I am a zero-waste expert and owner of the brand Flonette (we are a few days away from launching the official website, yeah!). In my...
2021 : Une étape à la fois!

2021 : One step at a time!

Publié le 06/01/2021

As we all know, only a small percentage of New Year's resolutions are kept.And that's really not a big deal.In our opinion, the new year is mostly a number, a...
Pure donne pour Noël!

Pure donne pour Noël!

Publié le 18/12/2020

    En 2020, Pure a reçu une immense vague d’amour. Vous avez été tellement généreux envers nous, et nous en sommes plus que reconnaissants. C’était donc tout naturel pour...
Avez-vous une routine bien-être ?

Do you have a wellness routine?

Publié le 22/11/2020

According to the dictionary, a routine is: a mechanical habit, unthinking, and resulting from a succession of actions repeated over and over again.There are many benefits to having a routine....
Pour des vêtements qui sentent bon!

For clothes that smell good

Publié le 12/11/2020

Ahhh! The smell of freshly washed clothes... Dip your nose in the blankets that have just been dried on the clothesline... Let’s admit it, we all do it! Now that...
Témoignage de Jessica sur les Campagnes de financement écologiques Pure

Jessica's Testimonial on Pure's Eco-friendly Fundraising Campaign

Publié le 04/11/2020

In the summer of 2019, I went to the community of Villa Riva in the Dominican Republic to participate in the expansion of an educational community garden that was set...
22 août 2020 : Jour du dépassement de la Terre

​August 22, 2020 : Earth Overshoot Day

Publié le 24/08/2020

I don't know if this is good news or bad news. Last Saturday, August 22nd, was earth overshoot day. That’s when we exhausted all our resources on earth for the...
Nos vacances au Québec !

Our vacation in Quebec!

Publié le 13/08/2020

Since the beginning of summer, social networks have been flooded with so many pictures of landscapes, rivers, but most of all, smiles. Quebecers have (re)discovered Quebec's regions and nature during...
La Révolution du vrac par Pure!

Bulk Revolution, by Pure!

Publié le 24/07/2020

Bulk has been gaining in popularity for many years, and we are so happy to see a change happening all around us! Because at Pure, it has been our way...
Multiusage? Cuisine + Salle de bain? Multisurface?

Multipurpose? Kitchen + Bathroom? Multisurface?

Publié le 22/07/2020

You've always wondered: "What's the difference between Pure’s Multipurpose, Kitchen + Bath and Multisurface? 🧐🧽"In about 3 minutes, you’ll finally know EVERYTHING!MULTIPURPOSE is a concentrated product to be diluted that...
Une collabo pour un mode de vie encore plus écolo!

A collab for an even greener lifestyle!

Publié le 06/07/2020

Andréanne Marquis no longer needs to be introduced. Born in our beautiful region (Lower St. Lawrence!) and founder of the Womance company, she is a well-established businesswoman whom we love and admire! And we are really happy to collaborate with her this summer!

Le Mois du vrac Pure

Pure Bulk Month

Publié le 01/07/2020

The month of July at Pure means Bulk Month. It's our way of celebrating Plastic Free July, a global movement that helps millions of people become part of the solution to plastic pollution – to make our streets, oceans and planet cleaner and healthier.

Dire ou ne rien dire,  parler ou écouter!

Dire ou ne rien dire, parler ou écouter!

Publié le 08/06/2020

  There have been many debates, messages and injustices in the past week.We were attentive and it was natural for our team to learn more about the sad reality that...
La tendance de l’heure : « Sauvé par Pure! »

New trend alert: “Saved by Pure!”

Publié le 27/05/2020

  Before, we had television and fashion magazines. Now we have social media: the perfect place to influence us to buy and buy even more. Because everything is going so...
Prendre le temps de prendre le temps

It’s time to take the time

Publié le 26/04/2020

  We've all been in the same situation for the past few weeks: confined to the house, with the weekly grocery shopping mission as our only outing. No one knows...
Je respire enfin!

I can finally breathe!

Publié le 17/04/2020

  That’s what our beautiful planet has been telling us for the past few weeks.Experts agree: the global crisis of COVID-19 is indeed having more than positive effects on the...
Nouveau "look" pour Pure

New look, same experience!

Publié le 10/04/2020

Speakers : Vanessa Beaulieu graphic designer, Isabelle Ouellet graphic designer , Anthony Poitras general managerl et Gabriel St-Pierre chemist.In an effort to always offer the best products, we are pleased to...