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Tips & Tricks: How to quickly clean the floor

Publié le 17/09/2020

Trucs et Astuces : nettoyer rapidement le plancher

''One dog is good, but two are even dirtier!''


Living with 2 dogs at home is not a relaxing experience!

Olive and Arthur are like children: we always have to clean up their mess! Geneviève doesn't complicate her life anymore, she always has her mop ready to clean the water drops, mud or even saliva her dogs have left on the floor. She mixes a few millilitres of her favorite, the Multipurpose, with water in her jet mop, and she’s got enough for several uses and several days.

What you need :

  • 5 mL of Pure Multipurpose
  • Approximately 1 L of hot water
  • A jet mop

How to do it :

  • Pour 5 mL of Multipurpose into the mop container filled with hot water.
  • Clean the floor as usual
  • That's it!
  • Extra: Mop it up every time your dogs (or kids) make a mess!

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