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Tips & tricks

Trucs & Astuces : garder ses chaussures blanches

Tips & Tricks : keep your shoes white

Publié le 15/06/2020

  "Under no circumstances will I get a style ticket with my white shoes on!” - @jenyferhodgson Jenyfer has always had a passion for white shoes (and keeping them intact!)....
Trucs & Astuces : Bien nettoyer la poubelle rapidement

Clean the trash quickly

Publié le 22/08/2017

Clean his trash quickly? Yes! How? Spray our Kitchen + Bathroom sanitize and deodorizer the inside surface of the trash, leave on for a few minutes to remove bacteria, rinse...
Trucs & Astuces : Plats et chaudrons collés, pas de panique!

Dishes and cauldrons pasted, don’t panic

Publié le 27/07/2017

Did you manage your new recipe for dinner?  Great! Your cauldron is a little less happy than you.  Dishes and cauldrons well glued: do not panic!   Rinse the bottom of your carbonized...
Trucs & Astuces : Éloigner les insectes avec le composte

Keep insects away with compost

Publié le 13/07/2017

Composting your coffee is an ecological gesture. Reuse it to ward off insects? Yes! Just sprinkle leftovers of coffee brewed into your flowers, they move away slugs and snails. Enjoying...
Trucs & Astuces : Le rinçage, la réutilisation et le recyclage des pots collants

Rince, reuse and recycling sticky containers.

Publié le 31/05/2017

Le rinçage, la réutilisation et le recyclage des pots collants comme le beurre d’arachide :Rinsing, reuse and recycling of sticky pots like peanut butter:A few drops of Pure dishwashing liquid...
Trucs & Astuces : Comment bien nettoyer le BBQ

How to clean the BBQ

Publié le 16/05/2017

With the long weekend approaching, we also hope for long evenings and BBQ dinners. The kitchen + bathroom is perfect for cleaning the BBQ, both to degrease grills and outside...
Trucs & Astuces : Le composte


Publié le 22/08/2016

Composting is also a good way to make a difference for the environment. It's a good habit that creates a stakes on nature by reducing waste. In addition, compost is...