Black friday don't get too crazy

Posted on 25/11/2019

Vendredi fou: on ne virera pas fou!

For years, it's madness when the Black Friday arrives, these discounts appear a week or two before the beginning of December. But that has not always been like that. We all have the image of those people who run when the doors open at Macy's in New York, mainly screaming people to get the special product before it's gone on the shelf. This reality has changed again with the arrival of the internet; this crazy race to overconsumption is even more scary today because the ability to order now everything you want in a single click has exponential negative effects for our planet. 

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We live in a society that is influenced by profit, a world that continually creates new needs. For some this may be synonymous with decay. The sales of Black Friday will not help the cause again this year: the chain is like that, we consume more, we produce more and we pollute more. Many people think that the economy and the environment must go hand in hand, but what do you want us to do not go there, "money is still leading the world" as your father would say.

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Transition and balance

If we talk about the positive, a lot has changed in recent years. We are talking more and more about environmental issues in the media and it is a less taboo subject in our communities. In addition, a historic event occurred on November 4, 2016; in fact, 195 countries signed the Paris Agreement, the first major environmental treaty on an international scale. It is clear that much work remains to be done to change attitudes towards the environment, but we can still see positive steps in the right direction. The big powers such as the United States, which has notably emerged from this treaty after the election of Donald Trump, and China, the most polluting country in the world, will have to act as a leader. We will have to be patient to see more results coming from the political field, but what makes us confident in the future is to see a new commitment of many spheres of the population towards the stake of this new century which concerns us all. We will get there with a lot of patience and willpower. 


Today's engaged population will be stronger tomorrow as future generations become more sophisticated consumers. It is proven that it takes us 21 days to change a habit, so with a little will and consistency we can succeed. Future generations have environmental consciousness and it is mainly because of them that things will change but no one can no longer stand idly by, each of us must do his part. 

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At Pure we strive to create more jobs, more revenue, but also to produce and operate more responsibly. Our sustainable concept is to counter the plague of plastic. Our efforts are mainly to market our high-performance products and make bulk more accessible. For the last ten years we have been proud to say that we care about the environment with our bulk filling stations and activists (sales points), which are now over 500 across the country. All this because we believe in the transition to a greener world through a better balance between the economy and the environment. 

Black Friday





It's also your right to say no to Black Friday as the first of the 5Rs teaches it so well (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and compost). But if you have things to buy, we encourage you this Friday to buy local and, above all, to buy what you really need. 





Pure will be part of it, for the first time we decided to participate and offer a promotion under the black friday. As Andréanne Marquis did not hide his love for the Multisurface 10L format, we offer you $ 5 off to properly equip you for bulk at home (and / or business). 

Other promotions are ongoing on the, such as 20% off all body care 500ml and 1L format including Christmas sets and mystery oNature linen water with the purchase of $ 50 and more. We have thought of you by preparing all these Black Friday promotions and we wish you all happy holidays in advance. 

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