​Health Canada labelling legislation

Posted on 04/09/2019

La loi sur l’étiquetage établie par Santé Canada

Health Canada labelling legislation requires any reseller of household products to display containers at all times:

  1. The name of the product
  2. The name of the manufacturer
  3. The instructions for use
  4. The warning

Our products are generally more concentrated than the products of other brands so the instruction of the product is very important to save. The warning is also very important. Imagine if a child drinks the products that comes from an unidentified mason jar.

All bottles of Pure products are transparent to facilitate the refill. In addition, each product can not go in some type of plastic. Aluminium must absolutely be refused because it reacts with the products. Carton will break down over time with household product having a low or high indoors ph.

Our bottles and labels are have been specifically chosen to last as long as possible. As a manufacturer, we pay more for our components so we can reuse them as long as possible.

Our website is unique and allows the store and consumers to have all thenecessary information to promote the products (selling points, ingredients, instructions for use, warning, blog, eco-friendly fundraising, commercial program company, photos and more)

If you have more question, do not hesitate to reach us.

It is important to us to enlighten our #jesuispure community. 

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