Sustainable Hair Care line


Safe ingredients


Baby and sensitive skins

Vegan and not tested on animals

Made in Canada

Our Values

  • Transparency

    We are transparent, like our containers. We include the full list of all ingredients on our labels because we are proud of the effectiveness of our products and the ingredients we use.

  • Kindness

    Our ingredients come mainly from natural sources and are good for your health and the environment. Our products are safe for the air, and safe for everything and everyone they come in contact with in the home, including babies and pets.

    Vegan, non tested on animals and made in Canada.

  • Quality

    We have always distinguished ourselves by the impeccable performance of our products. They are versatile and ultra concentrated for high efficiency. This means you only need a small amount, which lets you do more with less and allows us to minimize the use of plastic packaging and product transportation.

Our retailers

  • Pure bulk stations

    Our bulk stations allow us to annually reuse thousands of plastic containers that would otherwise end up in the garbage, in recycling or in our oceans.

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  • Zero waste

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