Tips & tricks

Le meilleur truc pour ses fleurs coupées

The best tips and tricks for cut flowers

Posted on 11/06/2024

When you have a garden full of flowers, over time you develop a passion to see them bloom for a long time. 💐 This is our best trick, to keep...
DIY ton multisurface aux lilas

Homemade multisurface with lilacs

Posted on 01/06/2024

We have a great passion for lilacs and are very fortunate to have many, many of them in our yard.We created our own ready-to-use multi-surface cleaner with a lilac aroma....
Comment nettoyer une vitre de foyer très sale?

How to clean a very dirty fireplace glass?

Posted on 21/01/2024

We love to make small fires to warm up and relax. In order to make the most cute moment, it is recommended to wash your fireplace glass twice. (to be...
Démêler les cheveux des enfants après la piscine en 5 secondes

Detangle children's hair after the pool in 5 seconds

Posted on 03/07/2023

  With the beautiful days by the pool, we thought you would like to know that our leave-in conditioner is your best friend for detangling your children's hair. Spray directly...
Pourquoi nettoyer ses brosses à cheveux?

How do I clean my hairbrush properly?

Posted on 12/05/2023

  The hairbrush is often in contact with the bottom of the head and it is better to keep this accessory clean. We would not want to create new bacteria...
Avec quoi laver ses pinceaux de maquillage?

Can I wash my makeup brushes with my dish soap?

Posted on 12/05/2023

How many times a month do you wash your makeup brushes? It is recommended to do this at least 1 time per week and more frequently eye brushes. To properly...
Déboucher un drain tout en préservant notre écosystème

Unclog a drain while preserving our ecosystem

Posted on 10/05/2023

The good practice of biodegradable products is important for our health and also (especially) our ecosystem. Here is our effective trick to unclog your drain while protecting small fish. You...
Comment détacher les cernes jaunes des vêtements blancs

How to remove yellow circles from white clothes

Posted on 09/05/2023

Want to get rid of yellow dark circles under your favorite sweaters and white shirts? This is our best trick and it's easy to make.Separates white clothes from colored clothes...
Neutralisateur d'odeur écoresponsable pour tapis

Sustainable arm & hammer dupe

Posted on 18/02/2023

This is one of our best tricks for neutralizing odors on a carpet, also called arm & hammer dupe. Mix baking soda with your favorite oNature fragrance extract. We used...
Nettoyer sa planche à découper de façon zéro gaspi

How to clean your cutting board

Posted on 18/02/2023

You're looking for every way to degrease your cutting board! We were also looking for something effective so here our best tip!Next time you make yourself a cocktail (or a...
Est-ce qu'on peut aromatiser l'eau de notre défroisseur?

Can we add linen water in our steamer?

Posted on 18/02/2023

The answer is YES. 😍 The recipe is very simple:1/4 oNature linen water1L waterYou're welcome!
La meilleure technique pour recycler son 10L Pure à 100%

The best way to recycle your Pure 10L

Posted on 18/02/2023

We know that waste are overflowing! Pure bulk at home is a solution to reduce waste (and transport) so you can reuse your bottles at home and at the office. ...
La meilleure routine pour détacher les vêtements de bébé

The best stripping routine for baby cltothes

Posted on 05/02/2023

When you become a mom, you no longer have the same relationship with your laundry room. You want safe ingredients, what's best for your family, but above all, you want...
Comment bien laver ses fruits

How to wash fruit properly

Posted on 16/10/2022

We were already encouraged to wash our fruits and vegetables before the pandemic hit. Now, this matter cannot be overlooked.And it does not have to be time-consuming.You can fill your...
Réutiliser l'eau d'un bain PURE, oui ou non?

Reuse water from a PURE bath, yes or no?

Posted on 16/09/2022

PURE bath fan, did you know that you can water your plants with your water after use? Our ingredients are carefully chosen by our laboratory, they are safe for our...
Comment se débarrasser des mauvaises herbes naturellement

How to get rid of weeds naturally

Posted on 16/08/2022

Did you know that household vinegar is the best natural weedkiller? 🙀 Safe for the planet, humans and animals, simply spray directly on unwanted foliage and leave to act in...
Quel savon PURE pour ta voiture?

Which PURE soap for your car?

Posted on 20/07/2022

The Multipurpose has a neutral pH, so it's perfect for washing your car! It only takes 5 ml in 2 L of water, which makes it a VERY economical product....
Laver efficacement les manteaux des enfants

Sustainable wash children's coats

Posted on 08/06/2022

Watching the children jump in the mud, what a joy! Making their clothes look like new, what a satisfaction! 1. Scrub all the stain on all clothes with our Stain...