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Multipurpose? Kitchen + Bathroom? Multisurface?

Publié le 22/07/2020

Multiusage? Cuisine + Salle de bain? Multisurface?

You've always wondered: "What's the difference between Pure’s Multipurpose, Kitchen + Bath and Multisurface? 🧐🧽"

In about 3 minutes, you’ll finally know EVERYTHING!

MULTIPURPOSE is a concentrated product to be diluted that cleans EVERYTHING (literally!)

A 500 ml bottle will allow you to do up to 400 cleanings! You might even want to clean everything, because it’s so effective (and it smells so fresh and clean!)! It is ultra-concentrated and can be used everywhere in the house, both inside and outside. Perfect for cleaning all kinds of floors, walls, wood, windows, mirrors and even your car!

The best way to use it: pour only 5 ml of product in 2L of water (warm or hot for even more efficiency!). Take out your mop or terry cloth, and clean! You might even enjoy it. 🤩

KITCHEN + BATHROOM is made for BIG jobs!

A very versatile cleaner that dissolves grease and stubborn stains and deodorizes! No rinsing needed!

It can be used just about anywhere* in the house (not just in the kitchen and bathroom 😉): for cleaning the changing table, washing BBQ grills, removing insects from the front of the car, cleaning limescale and soap deposits in the shower and, of course, dried food stains and the sink. It cleans and sanitizes naturally thanks to peppermint. It's like a breath of fresh (and clean) air!

*Avoid on porous surfaces such as wood or other surfaces requiring a neutral pH.

MULTISURFACE is a ready-to-use cleaner that makes all surfaces shine. It really lives up to its name!

We love Multisurface for so many reasons. It is simply your right hand-man for a quick everyday cleaning!

It’s literally the best at quickly and effectively making all surfaces shine: glass, mirror, wood, leather and countertops – without damaging finishes or leaving a trace. You can also clean your computer screens, cell phone screens, your glasses... and even your car's dashboard! Its antistatic agent will repel dust and allow you to clean less frequently (although you'll soon become addicted to its efficiency and smell)! You'll use it so much you might even need a 10L bulk at home size!

The choice is yours! Now it's up to you. 😉

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