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New trend alert: “Saved by Pure!”

Publié le 27/05/2020

La tendance de l’heure : « Sauvé par Pure! »


Before, we had television and fashion magazines. Now we have social media: the perfect place to influence us to buy and buy even more. Because everything is going so fast. New companies, new collections, new trends... there’s always something new! Poor quality clothes at ridiculously low prices. The perfect combination to incite consumers to buy fashionable ephemeral goods that they will quickly get rid of (because they’re so cheap!), and then buy more. And we've probably all been guilty of that at one time or another! That's what fast fashion is all about. A trend that isn't really ethical and, obviously, far from being eco-friendly. 


Have you heard of slow fashion? It's the complete opposite of fast fashion. Production that respects the environment, animals and humans. Of course, our eco-responsible, sustainable and zero waste values naturally lead us to be leaning towards this trend.

Obviously, to consume in a more sustainable way, we love:

  • Shopping at local thrift stores or second-hand stores to buy or sell “old” clothes.
  • Finding decorative objects in antiques or yard sales
  • Get new good quality clothing from companies that promote ethical production, with respect for workers and the planet (yes, they exist!!!).


BUT before buying new things, we think it’s especially important to take care of the clothes and objects we already own so that they stay in good condition longer. In short, we wear them out! And when we buy quality pieces, it's even easier! Pants with holes can be saved by Grandma's sewing machine. Stained sweaters can easily be rescued before thinking about throwing them away. Any reason is good to try to save our clothes or objects before replacing them.

Our secret weapon? Pure Fabric Stain Remover (of course 😉). It's probably the most effective stain remover there is (and natural!). Honestly, no grease stains, spaghetti sauce or even grass stains survive it. But the best part is that it's effective everywhere: on patio chairs, on wooden cutting boards, on stained car seats, etc. And the cherry on top? It is available in bulk as well as in a 10L home bulk size (10L = 20 fillings at home!). When we take eco-responsible steps, we reduce twice as much!

These pictures speak for themselves!

And you, what objects or clothes did you manage to save with Pure? Show us your before/after pictures! #savedbypure

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