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The life of our 20L containers!

Publié le 18/11/2019

Dans la peau d'un bidon Pure!
For several years now, with the valuable collaboration of our distribution Quémar, Pure offers to consumers a convenient access to bulk with 500 refill stations and to retailers to reduce plastic. Did you know that once the 20L uses is finished in store, it comes back to our factory in St-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska ? It is preciously sanitized and ready to be used again.

Station de remplissage_la récolte_québec_réduire_plastique_pure
We benefit from a nice distribution and we see the 20L container coming back more and more every week. 

It’s the best feeling for the Pure community to reuse its bottles and 20L containers. Imagine our feeling at Total Fabrication when we see all theese empty containers coming back every week. Nothing more rewarding that a mountain of empty 20L containers that represents hundreds of reused bottles.


vrac_station de remplissage_pure_la récolte_québec_réduire le plastique


It’s so beautiful to see the change that Pure brings to consumers habits to buy in bulk for the good of our planet.

livraison_zéro déchet_bidons 20L_réutiliser_pure








It has been 10 years now that we have worked to offer a concept of bulk purchase of cleaners for the whole family and household. We did our homework so well by offering products bio, effective and in bulk to your local business.






Investment at Total Fabrication

Because Total Fabrication is THE leader in bulk, the team has invested several years of research and development to create a washing station for our 20L containers, efficient and eco-friendly. This workstation is very important in the chain of a zero waste delivery service.


Our new washing station for 20L containers is a future-proof and custom-designed equipment to make easier for our employees (especially for our colleague Andre). The equipment reuses the water, consumes less energy and reuses the sanitizer. After a perfect wash, the 20L container can returns on the market at the production line.

Objective zero waste, is the commitment we gave ourselves !

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