''Je suis Pure'', by Florence-Léa Siry

Posted on 25/03/2021

Je suis Pure, par Florence-Léa Siry

Hello, my name is Florence-Léa Siry, I am a zero-waste expert and owner of the brand Flonette (we are a few days away from launching the official website, yeah!). In my opinion, we should learn to curb the reflex of consuming to meet a need. I much prefer to create, because I feel that I am more in solidarity with the planet and, as a result, I really take part in the change. Creating content for Pure Earth Month was not my idea, and that's the wonderful thing about the Pure team. It's that they exceed my standards for committing to the environment. Let me tell you about them.


In March 2020, just before the pandemic began, I met with Anthony Poitras, General Manager at Total Fabrication. My initial goal was to find a new partner to manufacture and distribute my solid dish soaps. I found way more than expected. I knew about Pure products (Almond blossom team!), but I had no idea that I would fall in love with this genuinely kind-hearted company. I was charmed by their social commitment but as a bonus, the team is also very, very committed to improving the health of the planet.

I am proud to say that I have been working with Total Fabrication for the past year. They did me the honor of welcoming me in their family. They gave me a lot of laughs, stars in my eyes but above all: my Flonette. It was natural for me to want to be their new face for Pure Earth Month. We all want a healthier planet!

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