The best tips and tricks for cut flowers

Posted on 11/06/2024

Le meilleur truc pour ses fleurs coupées

When you have a garden full of flowers, over time you develop a passion to see them bloom for a long time. 💐

This is our best trick, to keep their flowers in water for a long time.

You need:

  • cut flowers fresh 
  • wate clean vase
  • a little baking soda
  • VoilĂ !

We recommend putting fresh water in a clean vase every 3-4 days and adding a little sodium bicarbonate to the water. The sugar in the powder will nourish the flowering. Repeat throughout the summer.

Bicarbonate is an all-purpose powder that is very inexpensive and available in bulk in the same stores as Pure. Ecological and safe for our animals. đŸŒ±

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