The best stripping routine for baby cltothes

Posted on 05/02/2023

La meilleure routine pour dĂ©tacher les vĂȘtements de bĂ©bĂ©

When you become a mom, you no longer have the same relationship with your laundry room. You want safe ingredients, what's best for your family, but above all, you want a laundry detergent that wash!

We answer all these points and more, because we are more than soap! Here's our best eco-responsible routine for caring for children's clothes... and the whole family for that matter!

Laundry detergent
Stain remover
Descaling and stripping powder

Simply scrub all the clothes with the stain remover before soaking for 24 hours with the stripping powder. Never underestimate a night of soaking!😄 Then you do a normal load with laundry detergent. With this routine you will keep your clothes beautiful for a long time. In addition, your load promotes slow fashion and hsa better impact on our planet.

There's a little je ne sais quoi of satisfaction and relaxation in taking your clothes off. Keep us posted on your experience. @jesuispure

One more thing
Let's say, there's still a little stain left because you didn't scrub hard enough, the dryer is to avoid before trying again with our dish soap this time instead of stain remover!

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