The best way to recycle your Pure 10L

Posted on 18/02/2023

La meilleure technique pour recycler son 10L Pure à 100%

We know that waste are overflowing! Pure bulk at home is a solution to reduce waste (and transport) so you can reuse your bottles at home and at the office. 

Because eco-design is always at the heart of our actions. In collaboration with the Société VIA recycling center in Rivière-du-Loup, this is the only way to properly recycle your 10L Pure. Thanks to Jimmy Bouchard, plant manager, for being of great help to each of our questions.

📸: Anthony Poitras, CEO at Pure is accompanied by his team as well as Jimmy Bouchard from Société Via at Rivière-du-Loup.

  •  Make sure your 10L is empty. No waste!
  • Cut out the faucet using scissors.It's a recyclable plastic, but the faucet must be separated from the bag for it to be recycled since it is not the same plastic.
  • Add the bag to a bag of bags. This habit ensures that the bags do not blow away and are officially recycled at the recycling centre.
  • Use the cardboard box for storage or for a craft before recycling it.

Benefits of the 10L
This format represents 90% less plastic and less transport. It ensures you never run out of product and reuse your bottles. ♻️

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