Valentine's day by Pure

Posted on 12/02/2020

Une St-Valentin Pure

Ashley and Bryan, of their own , asked us what they could do for Valentine's Day without creating waste. We love these kids so much. It’s beautiful to see the youth involved in the movement to reduce and act. For us, there is nothing better than a personalized gift, so we suggested them to cook.  



We picked a recipe from the blog Jojo dans le frigo to make our Valentine's Day cake. We made a few changes to it, like changing the sugar by maple syrup, but here is the full recipe. By the way, Joanie Boisvert has a very inspiring Instagram account to prepare good snacks.


jojo dans le frigo


Eco-friendly gift


If you want to buy a gift, our body care products are perfect for  your valentine. Our products are made from the best ingredients to provide soft and hydrated skin. Treat yourself  like at the spa at home, it's possible with Pure! In 2020, for gifts, we recommend you to make local and responsible choices. 



Happy Valentine's day! 

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