A collab for an even greener lifestyle!

Posted on 06/07/2020

Une collabo pour un mode de vie encore plus écolo!

Andréanne Marquis no longer needs to be introduced. Born in our beautiful region (Lower St. Lawrence!) and founder of the Womance company, she is a well-established businesswoman whom we love and admire! And we are really happy to collaborate with her this summer!

In order to introduce our products made in Canada and offered in bulk locally to Andréanne’s community, we have chosen to offer a discount code, PUREANDREANNE, which will give a 10% discount on orders placed on en.purebio.net, valid until August 15, 2020.

By purchasing Pure products with this promotional code, Andréanne’s community will not only benefit from a discount on the purchase of biodegradable and bulk fillable products, but will also make a real positive impact on our planet. And that's even better!

We have also equipped the Womance offices with a bulk at home station with Pure products! Yes, bulk at home is also for the office! Andréanne's entire team will benefit from large formats directly at the office. One more step towards an even more eco-friendly work environment and lifestyle!

Instagram: @andreanne_mar @womance 

Thanks to Andréanne for choosing to collaborate with us to help us reduce our ecological footprint, all together! 

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