​Offering soap as a Christmas gift? Hell yeah!

Posted on 08/12/2021

Offrir du savon à Noël, vraiment ? Vraiment !

Offering Pure products is offering a lot more than soap. It’s the perfect occasion to spark up an interesting conversation about the environment, all the while exchanging eco-friendly tips for maintaining a clean and safe household.

It’s a great opportunity to give something truly practical, something that quickly becomes essential and thus will surely be used (Say goodbye to useless gifts that end up in the wardrobe)

It’s also like offering peace of mind: no more worrying about your cleaning product’s impact on our health.

In addition, you are opening the door for your relatives to benefit from our new bulk filling stations, thus contributing to your local economy…wherever it may be!

And let’s say it out loud, with our beautiful new labels…one can argue our products have a decorative function. They’re very ‘’Instaworthy’’ as they say.

Offering Pure is offering the essential!

Here’s a quick list of suggestions:

  • Benefit from our monthly promo : Buy 1L of Body & Hand Soap and receive a FREE glass bottle.
  • Offer our Performance Bundle to your powder addicted brothers that spend all their weekends on the mountain!
  • Offer our Camping Bundle to your friends that go out and face hungry hoards of mosquitoes, summer after summer.
  • Offer the Newborn Bundle and add a stain remover for only 5$ (see you never stained and dirty bibs)
  • Offer the Game Changer Bundle to your mom, she’s the one who thought you how to clean after all!
  • Offer the White Shoes Bundle to your niece who stubbornly wears her white Reebooks all winter long. 

Oh, also…

Make sure to give a look at our selection of environmentally friendly products: you’ll also find new objects to add to your everyday essentials.

And to end on a festive note: treat yourself to our Holidays Aroma Trio including: Body & Hand Soap Pure Holidays (500ml), Room Fragrance oNature Holidays (250ml) and a Multisurface Cleaner Pure Holidays (500ml).

Wishing you merry shopping !

(See how we got tons of fun suggestions for you all ?)

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