New Branding for Pure

Posted on 27/09/2021

Nouvelle image pour votre Pure préféré

Excitement is all around. Pride is flowing out of everywhere. We find this new branding much more inline with our colorful selves and most of all, we find this epurate branding a perfect fit for the lifestyle we are offering through our products.

(Oh and we won’t try to hide it, we’re super hyped to see our new image all over Instagram)

Why change? Or rather; why not?

Pure is evolving and so are our consumers.

You are more and more everyday joining the movement of bulk buying household cleaning and personal hygiene products.

Thanks for being there, with us, preserving our river, our wonderful planet. We’ll tell you again, every little action counts.

But we must have this conversation…Sauf qu’on doit vous parler de quelque chose.

Our biggest fear with this branding change (which is simply too pretty) is to be counterproductive…by grasping your attention with adorable packaging, we don’t want you to get rid of your old bottles which can be used.

Here’s a few suggestions to satisfy your desire to flex proudly our new colors while remaining eco-responsible :

  • Offer your old bottles to somebody not yet converted to bulk buying (Pro Tip : offer them the first refill to get the ball rolling)
  • Having a BB, aka Backup Bottle
  • Try a New Product

You are using our dishwashing soap and laundry detergent, but never gave a try to our Multipurpose? Well now’s the time!

In a nutshell, we’re super stoked to see our new branding on your shelves.Pretty proud of it.

Proud like a parent seeing his child move on to the next phase.

Change is a beautiful thing.

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