Pure Bulk Month, relax & refill ♻️

Posted on 03/07/2023

Mois du vrac Pure : relaxe et recharge ♻️

Happy plastic free July! No holidays for our beautiful planet, it needs kindness and solution more than ever. 

Relax & Refill 

In collaboration with Société Via, we went to visit Rivière-du-Loup recycling center. For several years now, they have been our precious partners in order to always optimize the eco-design of our products. Did you know that packaging waste accounts for 47% of all plastic waste in Canada?

For over 15 years, we have proudly offered all of our products in bulk to allow the consumer to buy local and to reduce one bottle at a time. A profitable habit since our bulk saves you up to 25% on each refill! Our concept saves from recycling centers more than 1 million bottles per year. The eco-design of our products is always considered before marketing. Thanks to Jimmy Bouchard for his excellent support and for always taking the time to answer our questions.

Pure Bulk Master Promotion 

Get an additional 10% off on Pure refills at participating Bulk Masters. They are identified with a red marker. 📍#noplanetb

Find a refill station near you HERE! ♻️

This is Pierre Bold a proud Pure Bulk Master in Sherbrooke, Quebec. He is a pioneer in bulk in the country & and a mentor for several zero-waste grocery stores. Visiting one of our refill stations is visiting wonderful & inspiring people.

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