​Letter from an old bottle

Posted on 29/12/2021

Lettre d'une vieille bouteille

I get it…Don’t you dare think I’m mad about your excitement…I can see it with my own eyes as well. She sure is pretty…this ‘’new one’’... You did good buying it. She’s all class and elegance. A really e-PURE-ate design (what a coincidence)

But you know what? As elegant as it might look, I (your loyal first Pure Bottle) refuse to bow down easily, (I’m the OG remember). I got something to say (mainly some emotions to rant)

Remember all we went through?

I don’t want to seem overly nostalgic here, but clearly you need a memory refresh. When we first met, why did you pick me? Do you even remember? You picked me because I represented the start of a new era: the start of a ‘’zero waste’’ era. You fell in love because I embodied that ecological turn you were taking. I am the symbol of your first ecological initiative.

The reasons you pick me are still valid. Your desire to reduce your individual imprint on our ecosystems, to use healthier products for you and our planet, is still precious to your Pure heart. In my book, this means my existence is still pertinent.

I might be roughed up a little bit…so what? My label is not as clean and clear as it used to be…but so what? I’m proud of myself! All this wear and tear is exhibit A of my well lived existence. I came, I saw, I conquered (dirtiness mostly). We cleaned a lot of stuff together over the years, didn’t we? We sanitized tons of surfaces and spaces for you to better host your loved ones right? The bath, the car, the toys…the windows, the kitchen, the RV…who took care of them remember? If I’m dirty by now it’s that I have hell of a career behind me. Don’t want to boast, but you just can’t put in stats the number of colds, viruses, gastros and other diseases I protected you from. So yeah…you think I’m dirty ? Hell no, these are war scars.

You and I still have so much to live for

Ok, I might not look as flawless as the new one. But I still do my job, a perfectly good veteran soldier you can still go to war with. Just as reliable as the newcomer. Plus, I know you, deep down, you don’t want to get rid of me as it would be contradictory to these eco-friendly values you hold so dear. I don’t want to expose you but…if you throw me out because of my look are you really a REAL one? Noooo…that’s not you. Quite the contrary, you will probably find me a cool #vintage look soon enough anyway (or am I pushing my luck too far?).

Let’s make a deal, ok?

Ok. It’s true, one doesn’t prevent from the other. You made a wise decision buying the new bottle too. I might have flaws, but jealousy isn’t one of them. I’m not even annoyed at welcoming another bottle to the family. We could take advantage of this opportunity to…try a new Pure product we don’t already use? Worst case scenario, I don’t mind moving on to another happy family (I can help them get started on the ‘’zero, or at least a lot less, waste’’ lifestyle). I don’t know…if need be, just get my label off with lighter fluid if you think I just need a new outfit. Or wait a minute! Maybe one of the rooms in the house could use reinforcements? Or maybe I can start a new life at the cottage!?

I’m anxious, but in the end…I know you’re a creative human being, that hates throwing perfectly good stuff in the trash. I trust you. I’m eager to see how you’ll capitalize on my new veteran status. (Speaking of which, a little ceremony and medal to honor my years of loyal service would be totally appropriate don’t you think? Maybe a parade or something…just leaving this out there…)

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