Tangerine combo for its simplicity

Posted on 25/08/2021

Le trio tangerine, pour la simplicité


Client Testimony

There was a moment when I was in way over my head. Didn’t see it coming at all. It sneaked up on us, a little at a time. One for me, one for my boyfriend, one per kid…Comforting ourselves that it would all be over soon, that we just needed to push through… But then another one would add itself to the mess and eventually WE COULDN’T EVEN SEE THE BATH’S EDGES AMONG ALL THE BOTTLES. They were everywhere, laying around half full or half empty; shampoos, conditionners, soaps, name it. All of them falling around all the time as if they wanted to remind us to finish them, thing is they’re not empty for a reason…we didn’t like them that much.

Then one day, we had enough. We held a family meeting in the smallest room of the house during cleaning day (hellooo kitchen & bathroom by Pure), looked at all we had in stock and said enough is enough.

Since then, can’t tell you how happy we are. The ways of a simpler life has something so peaceful. I mean yeah…we aren’t exactly at the #vanlife level of minimalism, but bathroom wise we do feel a lot more zen.

 All for of us agreed one a SINGLE shampoo and a SINGLE conditioner for all of us. Pure’s tangerine products :

  • The smell got us all (exclusively made of tangerine essential oil)
  • They make our hair look AND feel good (extra volume for the missus, extra hydration for the mister)
  • Bulk refills available and entirely biodegradable (Because today’s actions make the world of tomorrow. For our family, every step matters)

Now that it’s done, we can enjoy our new sauna space (that’s how we call it). Bath time is now finally relaxing again. Oh, and while we were on the shampoo bottle’s case, we also scraped up the leftover soap scraps in the shower tray. We replaced them by Pure’s hand/body wash. It fits in perfectly, looks cute in there and most of all takes less space! Even my mental state feels ‘’cleaner’’ now. I’ll be real, washing the bath is now (at least a little) less of a pain in the a**… I guess sometimes that’s all it takes eh ?

Oh yeah…and don’t try and tempt me with bubble bath… I’m trying to preserve this newly aesthetically pleasing space for a little while!!


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