The life of our 20L containers!

Posted on 01/12/2020

Dans la peau d'un bidon Pure!
Here at pure, we don’t just recommend doing bulk purchases. At our scale, we’re straight up grabbing the bull by the horns. We’re fighting, like you are, to attain a completely zero waste production.  


That implies relying on the efforts of all different players in our distribution chain. Thanks to the good will and audacious work of local bulk shops, PURE is now supplying more than a 1000 service points, rain or shine. Each and every one of them is with you in the battle towards a waste free world.





Logically, our 20L refillable jugs won’t be heading to the garbage can anytime soon. Once depleted, your Pure jug is sent back to our Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska plant. It’s then carefully sanitized and sent back to one of our retailers, where it can accomplish its life purpose again and again.


If we can do that, it is thanks to our SOLID distribution chain. Every single partner puts their heart on the table and are proud to see these 20L jugs coming back and forth, the more the merrier. Imagine how we feel at Total Fabrication: nothing makes us happier than seeing a mountain of plastic jugs symbolizing hundreds of recycled bottles, all thanks to you at home.



Maybe it’s not as clear when seen from your laundry room. That is why we take pride in sharing the good news: seeing the popularity of this service, we clearly see we are more and more everyday joining the movement! For more than a decade, Pure has been working to offer a simple bulk buy concept to families and households. Bio products, both efficient and bulk friendly. Just like you, we sometimes feel we are swimming against the current, but it always was worth it. It’s a beautiful thing to feel we are all working together in changing our ways, towards bulk, for the better good of the Earth.

Total Fabrication is a pioneer in the bulk industry. Our team not only had to invent their business model, but also its equipment! 


Investments at Total Fabrication


After years of research and development, our plant is now enjoying a (future like)

custom made wash station. Efficient and eco responsible, it is specifically made for our 20L jugs. This equipment requires less energy and reuses sanitizer and washing water. This workstation is essential to our zero-waste delivery service. Designed with the collaboration of our staff members, it facilitates the life of our precious workers (special shoutout to Guy and Sebastien!).

So, when you are feeling lonely in your rowboat, remember there’s people like Guy and Sebastien out there everywhere along the Pure distribution chain. From the plant to the shop, at every step, one of us is sending elbow grease and heart oil (is that a thing?) your way!


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