Farewell Cardboard Packaging !

Posted on 27/09/2021

Bye-bye petits coffrets

We say it often. We’re not looking for P-E-R-F-E-C-T bulk users, we’re looking for

those that at least keep on trying to P-E-R-F-E-C-T themselves and the world around

them (now is the right time to ‘’at least try’’ right?).

This open-minded/keep it real mentality must also apply to us as a business. We are

aware that everybody needs to work towards their eco-friendliest selves, which is

why we strive to observe, question, and inform…through our content as well

amongst other things.

We often hear the idiom ‘’Better Than Nothing’’… Yeah well… Here at Pure we have

the vision to do ‘’Better Than Better’’ for tomorrow’s world. Which is why we are

happy to announce we are eliminating all cardboard packaging from our


Re-discover Pure’s Multipurpose Super Concentrated Cleaner, made of100% natural

such as rose water. This product is Super efficient whether you’re shining stuff

inside or outside your home! Psst…500ml format is good for up to 400 uses.

And now eco-friendlier than ever! Bye cardboard package, you won’t be missed…

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