Moisturize your hair in winter

Posted on 17/02/2024

Bien hydrater ses cheveux l'hiver

Did you know that our leave-in detangling and thermal protection treatment is perfect for dry hair?

We recommend always spraying the product on dry hair in order to properly detangle your hair and thus prevent it from breaking.

In this cold season, it's a great way to hydrate your hair when you put it on your dry hair. Yes yes, even if you have easily greasy hair it is important to nourish your hair.


Why do we love our Leave-in Conditioner & Thermal Protection? 

    Detangles hair AND protects it
    Made from our nature's active ingredient
    No sillicone, paraben or phasphate
    Not tested on animals, Vegan
    Unique marshmallow flower aroma, 100% natural
    Gentle for children, effective for parents
    Refill available
    Developed and created by our laboratory at Total Fabrication

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