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#printempspure Bundle

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Description :

With this eco-friendly package you will be equipped for your spring cleaning. The laundry detergent will wash and protect all the clothes for the new season. Made of a concentrated and soft formula, this product dissolves more than 95% in water. It’s good for the whole family, even baby clothes. The concentrated Multi-purpose formula will allow you to wash your floors through the whole house whether its tile or wood as well as your countertops and your windows. Remember to follow the instructions for use in order not to waste any product. You’ll also find the Kitchen + Bathroom that disinfects surfaces naturally and degreases with its peppermint aroma. This cleaner is just as effective in your bathroom as on your outdoor patio set. We took care to include a bag to your box-set so that you’re well prepared once your bottles are emptied to go buy in bulk at a local store near you.


  • Laundry detergent 2.5L
  • Multi-purpose kit
  • Kitchen + bathroom 500 ml
  • Free : + 1 bag «je suis pure»

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