Solid Dish Soap

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Flonette Cake Vaisselle is the art of doing dishes in zero waste mode! Composed of surfactants and pure degreasing ingredients, this solid soap is highly concentrated and requires a minimum of water for a shiny result!
You'll love the effectiveness of this solid, easy-to-use product, using a sponge or dishwashing brush. Also use it to clean your oven, to remove stains from a teapot or even to clean dark circles in the bath!
It's a real little miracle!

Safety Data Sheet

  • Convenient packaging: airtight and reusable
  • Concentrated
  • Powerful
  • Sustainable

Made with only four ingredients:
Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS), Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI), vinegar and a blend of lemon essential oils.
The residues that will mix with the gray water are harmless to the environment.

The Cake Vaisselle requires a minimum of water to wash the dishes. A nice zero-waste habit to adopt on a daily basis.
1. Plug the sink to reuse the soapy water.
2. Wet the brush or sponge.
3. Scrub the cake to make it foam.
4. With a single scrub, you can wash about ten plates, bowls or utensils before lathering it again.
5. Rinse the dishes by accumulating water in the bottom of the sink.
6. Need to scrub heavily soiled pots and pans? Reuse the soapy water that has accumulated in the bottom of the sink! This will prevent you from wasting cake and too much water.