Laundry Detergent for cloth diapers

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Using cloth diapers is one of these steps you can take to ensure your kid grows up in a healthy world. Although it does require more energy, you do it because it make sense.

To honor your commitment, Pure has launched the Omaïki Laundry Detergent. Just as efficient environmentally as it is to deep clean diapers…and your little one’s butt.

Offered in bulk, everything is there to help you in your quest towards 0 waste lifestyle (realistic objectives only please). You are already doing a lot, we’re here to help. 

Pure-icone-fiche-signaletique_d7e37d70-222b-4e1f-bfe1-e9d871365053.png Safety Data Sheet

  • BiodegradableBiodegradable
  • Effective in cold waterEffective in cold water
  • Safe ingredientsSafe ingredients
  • Bulk refillBulk refill
  • Septic system safeSeptic system safe
  • Gluten freeGluten free
  • Vegan and not tested on animalsVegan and not tested on animals

  • Ideal for babies.
  • Perfect for cloth diapers.
  • Efficient in cold water
  • Ultra-concentrated formula

  • Aqua Water
  • Hydrogen peroxyde Liquid Sanitizer
  • Laureth-7 Plant derived cleaning agent
  • Dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid Synthetic & biodegradable cleaning agent
  • Propylene glycol Plant derived wetting agent
  • Potassium hydroxide Mineral pH adjuster

In partnership with Omaiki, we are transparent, like our containers. We post the full list of all our ingredients on our labels because we are proud of the effectiveness of our products and the ingredients, we use to achieve them.


Keep out of reach of children. In case of ingestion, drink a lot of water. Do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention, if needed.