Bye bye limescale!

Posted on 20/06/2021

Au revoir calcaire dans la douche

"I want my shower glass doors to be CLEAN AND SHINY. If I had wanted frosted glass doors, I would have bought them like that in the first place!”

Vanessa has always washed her shower glass doors efficiently and ecologically with Pure's scouring cream. It's not a secret, water is hard in Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska. But a few weeks ago, influenced by Alexandra Larouche, Vanessa made her own solution to remove limescale on her shower glass doors. A simple recipe with ingredients she had at home. In her opinion, this solution is just as effective as the Pure Scouring cream she gets in bulk. That's how the Pure gang is: always on the lookout for eco-responsible and truly effective solutions!



  1. Heat the vinegar for 1 minute before pouring it into the spray bottle
  2. Add dishwashing liquid
  3. Spray on the surface to be cleaned
  4. Wait 30 minutes
  5. Rub with a sponge
  6. Bye bye limescale! ✨✨


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