A lasting impact, one load at a time

Posted on 16/01/2024

Un impact plus durable, une brassée à la fois

Did you know that?

130 billion of clothing are consumed on our planet each year.

These clothes need to be washed.
Imagine the number of loads that it represent every year.

We share you 3 best tips and tricks that our team at home to have a more lasting impact one load at a time : 



  • Wash in cold water. This helps keep your clothes in good condition longer and you'ill find that your electricity bill cost less.
  • Unfasten all clothes before putting them in the washer (always avoid the dryer with a stain.. It takes two minutes if you want to wear as much white as you want. PS : our stain remover is free when you but any of our laundry detergent.
  • Do no use to much laundry. There is not point in putting too much. You will see that it is more economical. Especially if you use the Pure ultra-concentrated detergent at $0,17 the load. (If you fill your bottle in bulk, it costs you approximately $0,15. ♻️🤑, it really pays to do bulk)

Simple gestures will a greater impact on your wallet and our planet🌎


Another thing we have been doing once a season for last 4 years at Total Fab, switch your second-hand clothes! Exchange beautiful pieces of clothing that are sleeping in the wardrobe and leave with as many clothes or more! Free clothes! Girl Math.


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