Linen water passion

Posted on 18/02/2023

Passion eau de linge

oNature linen water is such a discovery product. Sheets, cushions, carpets, in the car, the trailer, you can spray it everywhere. Without harmful chemicals, you become addicted to that product very quickly. 😍

The function of linen water is to refresh fabrics. oNature has understood how to properly develop our 5th sense with its 11 natural aromas.

For over a year now, oNature has benefited from Pure's zero-waste distribution and offers 3 linen water in bulk : Almond Blossom, Sea Breeze and Lavender. This circular economy concept allows Pure (and oNature) to save  more than 1 million bottles each year. ♻

Did you know that?
Linen water originates from washerwomen in Provence who used linen water when ironing fabrics to give a fresh aroma to sheets and clothes.

The perfect bottle against monsters
And yes, this product is perfect for warding off all types of monsters. To help you with your hours of sleep, you can spray plenty of laundry water directly on the sheets without staining. Good night!

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