Our stain remover for a sustainable fashion

Posted on 18/02/2023

Notre détachant pour une mode plus durable

130 billion pieces of clothing are consumed on our planet every year. We're not here to tell you to stop shopping (maybe to slow down a little bit) but we can help you to have a better impact with all your loads.

The first thing to do before washing to preserve the life of a garment is to read the care instructions. Always!

The second is to use our laundry detergent for your load. It's one of the most economical loads on the market, our product preserves colors with its ultra-concentrated formula. Do your load with cold water. It reduces the risk of discoloration and the energy cost of your washing.

Our big secret to keep our clothes intact is our stain remover. This little bottle is effective to remove all stains, all! The powerful ingredient in this product is citrus. If you are a second-hand fan, this will be your best $5 invested to resell your clothes at a high price. For a limited time, our Stain Remover is free with the purchase of any of our detergents on purebio.net. 

These products can make you discover a local business near you since they are all offered in bulk. Refills save you up to 25% on each refill.

Switch your clothes

For more than 3 years now, we have organized at Total Fabrication, once a season, we exchange our clothes between colleagues. Each time, there are good discover. The second hand reduces on average 25% of CO2 by wear. All clothes that do not find takers at the activity are given to the Acti-Famille organization in Pohénégamook.

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