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Posted on 03/04/2023

Mois de la terre Pure

Earth month is kicking off! 🌍

It's the perfect opportunity to do your part and reduce your environmental foot print with Pure! ♻ Thanks to our refill concept, since 2019, we've reused over a million bottles -that makes quite a difference, doesn't it? đŸ€©

79% of Canadians believe businesses should help consumers be environmentally responsible.

Pure takes these words very seriously and would like to encourage you to always reduce. We are not here to remind you that our planet is not doing well, but rather to bet on the solutions for it. This is why it is natural for our team to have a mobilizing tone in order to do your part 1 bottle at a time.


  • In Quebec, 1 truck out of 10 goes to the sorting center for nothing because its contents are either soiled or not recyclable.
  • The price of a product is often 75% to 90% of its packaging.The good practice of ultra-concentrated products easily allows consumers to reduce their ecological footprint.
  • In Quebec only 3.5% of companies participate in the circular economy and Pure is one of them. ♻
  • There is no more local purchase than Pure bulk and it allows you to save money with each filling, up to 25% of the price of a new bottle.

📾 Sarah Charron, Pure ambassador

Pure Bulk Master 📍

We offer a 100% zero waste delivery service to retailers, each 20L container is reused for even more savings and less waste in our oceans.🌊

During the whole month of April, they offer you 10% extra on bulk. Be part of the solution! Bulk Masters are identified with a red marker HERE

Holiday for Earth Day at Total Fabrication
April 22 is earth day & holiday for our team. As part of this same day, and with the aim of multiplying truly significant gestures, Total Fabrication is challenging companies that have the future of the planet at heart to reduce their ecological footprint by encouraging work at home, carpooling and even give the holiday. “When it comes to the environment, we often talk about the problem and rarely about the solution. The truth is, every little gesture is part of the solution. I therefore invite all entrepreneurs who wish to make a difference to follow us. It is of course a symbolic action, but if several people get on board, it can have a real impact, ”says Anthony Poitras, general manager of Total Fabrication. Our public holiday will reduce 1.5 tonnes of GHG.

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