Short loop is the future

Posted on 13/07/2022

L'économie circulaire, un incontournable

Do you know circular economy?
The circular economy is an economic model that aims to optimize the use of resources at all stages of the life cycle of a good or service, in a circular logic. While reducing the environmental footprint and contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Our circular economy 
We have built a deposit program with our 20L that allows merchants and consumers to reuse more than 1 MILLION bottles each year in a short circuit. With this innovation and our local filling stations across the country, the life cycle of our bottles becomes endless. PURE more than soap.♻️

Proud manufacturer of Kamouraska, Quebec
Few weeks ago we had the invitation of the SADC du Kamouraska, for a local activity. 42 local actors gathered to discuss of our future. All the local business leaders shared the same passion, building a rich region in knowledge and resources. What great hope for our country to see these people with the desire to tame a production and a way of consuming differently. The rejections of some become the raw material of others. This kind of mobilization is fascinating and pushes us to constantly improve our ways of doing things. We are so happy at Pure to participate in the activities of our community in order to be at the heart of the discussions. ❤️

According to Sonia Gagné, President and CEO of Recyq Québec, Kamouraska is the region most mobilized in Quebec to implement this type of economic model. We are lucky to be surrounded by people who have been popularizing short loop for all these years!

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